Whole systems provide an ultimately convenient living experience. Equipping residents with the full range of smart apartment abilities is guaranteed to set your property apart from the competition. It's time to provide a truly modern living solution.

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Whole System



  • Smart Lightbulbs 
  • Learning Thermostat
  • Integration Hub with Rules Engine
  • Amazon Echo
  • Camera
  • Smart Deadbolt
  • Door and Motion Sensors
  • Control & dim lights for individual rooms 
  • Hands-free convenience with voice control of lights and temperature settings
  • Remote access to turn lights on/off, or adjust thermostat from anywhere
  • Auto-adjust temperature based on resident's daily routine
  • Play music, read news, receive traffic and weather reports
    and more with Amazon's Alexa cloud-based voice service
  • Automatically arm/disarm security as resident comes and goes
  • Automatically unlock door when resident arrives
  • Lock & unlock door remotely
  • Live camera streaming (great for pet lovers)
  • Intrusion detection with instant alerts and recorded video clips


SOTAH’s Whole systems are quick to install and non-intrusive. Plus, all Whole systems come with a full maintenance package, device replacement, and system intro for new residents.

We make the decision of installing a Whole system as convenient and risk-free as possible. Read about the benefits of providing a smart apartment, or get in touch to learn more about pricing.