Not ready for a whole smart apartment system? No problem.
We have plenty of options to help get you started.

Starter Kit

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Our Starter Kit is a great way to introduce smart apartments at your property. Start small, and watch your residents fall in love with it.

As you know, each resident has their own priorities. Some care more about security, while others care more about energy efficiency. This kit helps you cater to both types of residents with some basic abilities for monitoring the apartment while away, and automating climate control for lower energy bills.  


What's Included

We only use the absolute best devices in our smart apartments. 

Integration Hub

Security Camera

Motion Sensors

Door Sensor

Smart Thermostat


This system automatically arms/disarms as residents come and go, and sends push notifications with recorded video clips if anything happens while they’re away. It also helps residents save money on their monthly energy bills with a thermostat that intelligently adjusts to their daily routine.

Since SOTAH solutions are completely scalable, you can easily add more devices and abilities over time if desired. Start by showcasing the Starter Kit in your model unit, and purchase more as new residents express interest.


Standalone Devices

If you prefer to take things one step at a time, why not start with a smart thermostat or lock? Both of these devices provide residents with daily utility, and are extremely eye-catching as you give property tours. Better yet, a smart lock or thermostat can serve as an excellent tool to attract new residents, and retain existing ones. 

Smart Deadbolt

Smart Deadbolt

Physical keys are bulky, inconvenient, and easily copied. This smart lock turns the resident’s smartphone into a smart key, and automatically locks/unlocks as they come and go. They can control locks from anywhere in the world, or even grant temporary keys to friends, houseguests, dog-walkers, or others as needed. Plus there’s no need for a new master key since this amazing device only replaces the interior deadbolt--your exterior hardware stays exactly the same.

Start by showcasing one smart lock in your model unit, and purchase more as new residents express interest.


Smart Thermostat

Residents love coming home to a comfortable, air conditioned apartment. But to achieve this, they’re forced to cool (or heat) an empty apartment all day while at work which wastes a significant amount of energy. This smart thermostat intelligently adjusts to the resident’s daily routine, enabling them to maintain maximum comfort while saving money on monthly energy bills. Remote access also equips residents with precise temperature control via mobile app. Never again will they worry about leaving the AC running while at work or on vacation!

Start by showcasing one smart thermostat in your model unit, and purchase more as future residents express interest. 


We make installing a smart apartment as convenient and risk-free as possible. 
Read about the benefits of providing a smart apartment, or get in touch to learn more.