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It’s harder than ever to make your property stand out from the competition in today’s real estate market. With buyers entertaining countless options, the process of differentiating a home or condo can seem daunting at times. Plus, most solutions for upgrading a property are typically too expensive, too time consuming, or both.

But there’s a better way.

SOTAH’s smart home staging kit is a quick, effective solution to set your property apart and attract more interested buyers. By offering both pre-configured and custom packages, we’re able to accommodate a wide range of budgets and abilities—from standalone devices such as smart thermostats or locks, to complete smart home systems.

SOTAH Modern Lifestyle

Modern Lifestyle

Help the buyer save money on utilities with a thermostat that intelligently adjusts to their daily schedule. Provide peace of mind with doors that will automatically unlock as they arrive home, and lock behind them as they leave. Enable the buyer to control lights through voice commands or simply based on their presence. Allow them to set custom, automated routines for when they leave, return, wake up, or go to sleep.


SOTAH Stand Out

Instant Differentiation

How many competing properties do you know that offer a truly modern and luxurious lifestyle? With a smart home staging kit, you’re no longer selling just a space—you’re selling an entirely new lifestyle. Plus, our rapid installation and favorable pricing allow you to upgrade
the property without disrupting your sale timeline.


SOTAH Sales Support

Sales Support

We don’t leave you to figure things out for yourself.  SOTAH offers additional training for system demonstrations during your property tours, and even printed collateral if desired. We’ll make sure that you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge to not only successfully demonstrate the entire smart home, but to also answer buyers’ most frequently asked questions.



From standalone devices to custom configurations, SOTAH Provides
the full range of smart home services.

All pricing includes installation.

Standalone Devices

Core Monitoring System:
Greater Peace of Mind

Complete awareness over the living space while away.

Automatically arm/disarm security as the owner comes and goes.
Auto-unlock front door when arriving. Live camera stream (great
for pet lovers). Intrusion detection with instant alerts and
recorded video clips.

Starting at $1,999

Core Energy

Whole System: Ultimate Convenience

A truly modern, luxury lifestyle

Combines all features and abilities listed above.

Starting at $3,999

Standalone Devices

Smart Deadbolt - $329
Utilizes the existing deadbolt to automatically lock/unlock as owners come and go.

Learning Thermostat - $399
Replaces the existing thermostat, and enables precise
temperature control via mobile app.


Core Monitoring

Core Energy: Lower Utility Bills

Save money on monthly energy bills.

Improved energy efficiency with remote access and voice control of both light and temperature settings. Auto-adjust temperature based on the owner’s daily routine. Play music, read news, receive traffic & weather reports and more with Amazon’s Alexa voice service.

Starting at $2,499

Whole System

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Next we’ll guide you through our Discovery & Design process to create a tailored solution for your home or condo. Then we’ll explore the necessary considerations such as current electrical wiring, high-speed internet , and other requirements.

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