Whether you manage a new or existing property, differentiating from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s hard to stand out when many of today's apartments offer similar benefits with only minor distinctions: floorplan variations, luxury pools, gyms, business centers, common areas and so on. This essentially leaves location as each apartment’s primary competitive advantage (or disadvantage, in some cases).

Identical Apartments

How can you provide a unique living experience when the property next door offers many of the same luxuries and amenities? Even more, how do you withstand the ongoing competitive pressure when new properties are being constructed every year?

Smart apartment Systems are a quick, effective solution
to set your property apart.

Aerial Smart Home

Enable residents to control their lights through voice commands or simply based on their presence. Provide peace of mind with doors that will automatically unlock as they arrive home, and lock behind them as they leave. Help residents save money on utilities with a thermostat that intelligently adjusts to their daily schedule. Allow them to set custom, automated routines for when they leave, return, wake up, or go to sleep.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Provide the tools, and let residents tailor the system to their own personal lifestyle. Not only does this set your property apart from nearly every local competitor, but also significantly increases the perceived value of the property itself.

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